Modern ReactJS UI library full of pixel-perfect components

We transformed popular Sketch UI kit into ready-to-use components for the fastest growing JS framework. All UI components you can think of with properties ready to match your brand within seconds. Build for fast prototyping or taking your projects to the next level.

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So let’s seeWhat’s inside?

Inside the package you’ll find most of the elements from Symbols & Styleguides package coded into React ready-to-use components. All types of buttons, labels, tabs, inputs and much more to make sure that you get the main coverage of all the frequently used UI elements across the web spectrum.

See Demo App Overview

One codeFit for all the variations

Each component are build with endless posibilities to give you a freedom to change easily every aspect. For example buttons come in 3 sizes, all validation states, with properties for icons, border radius, colour, label and many more. All properties are listed in Documentation.

Personalised packageFit your brand with 1 line of code.

By simply downloading React UI Kit you can start using it in your React app right away with all styled elements from the Sketch file. Or you can take things one step further, pic a colour, set a style and start branding this kit with the colours of your project.

Detailed guideDocumentation

Detailed Kit documentation for each component with all possible properties, real code example and preview. All of this as well with a full installation guide and Youtube video to help you run Reach UI Kit smoothly in a moment.

Blast of icons1570+ Free Icons

To cover everything we also added a support for icons by Material Icons (900+) and Font Awesome (675). All 1570+ icons can be used in most of the components without any extra hussle.

Install and run in just a few seconds

Easy to setup in both new or already live projects. For step by step instalation and video tutorial check our documentation.

Pixel Perfect UI

Beautifully crafted and smartly coded components are up for grab at any point in your project.

Typescript ready

Enjoy powerful TypeScript autocompletion and other sweet features eg. components autoimport in your favorite IDE.

SASS support

SASS files allows you to set default color for all components simple with one line of code. You can also use one of 39 predefined colors or set own.

Simple use of separate components

Each and every of the available components are coded independently. You can just use one, two or all of them.

Updates & support

Any of your questions, requests will be handled personally by @vlafiser. And obviously all future updates and components are free for all buyers.

Full Package Includes

Current version 1.1
  • 17 Ready to use components for ReactJS

  • 39 Predefined colors and gradients

  • Detailed documentation for each component

  • Full setup video and text tutorial

  • Customisable colour theme of the whole UI Kit

  • SASS files

  • Typescript support

  • Font Awesome and Material icons support

  • Sketch files (from Symbols & Styleguides)

  • Support

  • Future updates

  • And it's ready for use in commercial project

Buy for $19
Secured payment by Gumroad


React UI Kit is a package full of ready-to-use components build for ReactJS project. All UI components you can think from buttons to progress bars. All of this with a properties ready to match your brand with a change of one single line of code. All components styled with SASS, supporting 1570 free icons and Typescript. Whole project build for fast prototyping or taking your projects to the next level.

Need help or anything else?

Want to get more info or need a special custom solution hit us at: [email protected]

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Comes with the qualityAll Elements handpicked from the best selling kit for Interfaces - Dashboard UI Kit

All elements in this React kit are taken from Jan’s most successful digital design resource with over 3000 licences sold called Dashboard UI Kit. And that gives these components quite a credibility!

Dashboard UI Kit is also marked as a "Best Seller" on Gumroad and Top 1 Popular on

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Vlastimil Fiser - UI developer
Code & developmentVlastimil Fiser (@vlafiser)

Coder & UI Developer with passion for Design. Helping companies with UI on React, React Native, Electron and of course, with landing pages. Born as a traveller, fresh owner of pilot license.

SPECIAL THANKS to Jiri Sifalda (@jsifalda) for ReactJS advisory. Check his Linkedin profile.

Jan losert - Designer
DesignJan Losert (@janlosert)

Enthusiastic product designer currently shaping the future of mobile advertising at Tapdaq, while traveling around the world. You can find my recent projects on Dribbble and Behance or if you're interested in my UI Kits visit my store.